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1 新式查核報告說明文字及說明段之使用
Include Explanatory Language or an Explanatory Paragraph in the Auditor's Report
賴柏錚   2021/11  月旦會計實務研究
2 臺商赴中國大陸隱名投資之法律風險與防範──以隱名投資契約的法律風險及效力為中心
The Legal Risks and Prevention of Anonymous Investment by Taiwanese Entrepreneur Centered on the Legal Risk and Effectiveness of Anonymous Investment Contracts
鄭瑞崙   2021/11  月旦會計實務研究
3 疫情下會計及審計的挑戰與因應
The Challenges and Responses of Accounting and Audit Issues Due to the Impact of COVID-19
許晉銘   2021/11  月旦會計實務研究
4 代理人幫助他人逃漏稅捐之法律責任
The Legal Responsibility of the Agent Helping Others to Evade Tax
月旦會計實務研究編輯部   2021/11  月旦會計實務研究
5 歐盟數位服務稅新發展現況
Digital Service Taxes in the EU: An Intermediate Report
魏馬哲謝如蘭   2021/11  月旦會計實務研究
6 房屋比價網站的公平交易法爭議──最高法院109年度台上字第1756號民事判決簡析【學習式判解評析】
Fair Trade Law Disputes on House Price Comparison Website: A Brief Analysis of the Civil Judgment of Supreme Court (109) Tai-shang Tsu No. 1756
吳尚昆   2021/10  月旦會計實務研究
7 智慧稅務2025──《關於進一步深化稅收徵管改革的意見》解讀與評析【國際經貿時論】
Smart Taxation 2025: Interpretation and Analysis of "Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Tax Collection and Administration"
王樺宇施潤霖   2021/10  月旦會計實務研究
8 調動工作地點過遠之評析【月旦時論】
A Comment on the Workplace Transfer Where Is Too Far Away
林士煉   2021/10  月旦會計實務研究
9 應用跨域知識精進會計作業方法──以數學方程式取代編製合夥企業清算現金分配表為例【執業進修】
Improving Accounting Methodology with the Application of Interdisciplinary Knowledge: A Case of Using Mathematical Equation in Place of Preparing Schedule of Cash Payments for Partnership Liquidation
黃永傳黃政二   2021/10  月旦會計實務研究
10 鏈結經營的因果資訊以優化管理決策──管會視野【執業進修】
Link the Causal-Effect Operating Information to Optimize Management Decisions
黃瓊瑤   2021/10  月旦會計實務研究