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1 歐盟內加值稅詐欺對臺灣企業的挑戰【月旦時論】
Understanding the Challenge of VAT Fraud in the European Union for Taiwanese Enterprises
歐陽弘馬承佑愛伯納   2024/05  月旦會計實務研究
2 營業秘密侵權案件中的忠實義務違反──最高法院111年度台上字第2922號民事判決評析【學習式判解評析】
Breach of Fiduciary Duty in Trade Secret Infringement Cases: Brief Analysis of the Criminal Judgment of Supreme Court (110) Tai-shang Tsu No. 2922
吳尚昆   2024/05  月旦會計實務研究
3 中國大陸增值稅進項稅額不得抵扣所衍生的實務問題評析【國際經貿時論】
A Brief Analysis of the Practical Issues on Input Tax Irrecoverable in Mainland China
李俊明   2024/05  月旦會計實務研究
4 疫後及ESG浪潮下政府補助多,會計如何處理?──IAS 20及SIC 10之應用【公報釋讀】
Accounting Treatment of Government Subsidies in the Post-Pandemic and ESG Era: Application of IAS 20 and SIC 10
李志烽黃素慧   2024/05  月旦會計實務研究
5 2024年中國大陸《公司法》修正解析──談公司資本充足與債權保護【月旦時論】
Analysis of Amendments to the Company Law of China in 2024: Discussing Adequate Capitalization and Creditor Protection
鄭瑞崙蔡宜蓁   2024/05  月旦會計實務研究
6 王朝信託於我國實務規劃問題之探討【本月企劃】
Exploration of the Practical Planning Issues of Dynasty Trust in Taiwan
張大為   2024/05  月旦會計實務研究
7 撤銷股東會決議之訴「權利保護要件」之審查時點【月旦時論】
Timing for Reviewing the "Requirement for Rights Protection" in a Litigation to Revoke Shareholders' Meeting Resolution
黃渝清   2024/04  月旦會計實務研究
8 從司法院釋字第709號解釋論都市更新人權與公益的競合──以地方都更新爭議案件為例【月旦時論】
Discussing the Competition between Human Rights and Public Welfare in Urban Renewal from the Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 709: Taking Local Urban Renewal Dispute Cases as an Example
陳錚漢   2024/04  月旦會計實務研究
9 法院判決監察人委任關係不存在,是否影響少數股東之訴訟實施權?──最高法院112年度台上字第1128號民事判決評析【學習式判解評析】
Will the Absence of an Appointment Relationship between a Supervisor and a Company Ruled by the Court Affect the Minority Shareholders’ Right to Implement Action: Comment on the Supreme Court Civil Judgment No.1128 of 2023
李宛珍   2024/04  月旦會計實務研究
10 論中國大陸增值稅之課稅時點的合理連結【國際經貿時論】
On the Reasonable Connection of the Date of Occurrence of VAT liability in Mainland China
李俊明   2024/04  月旦會計實務研究