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1 人壽保險業防制洗錢及打擊資恐稽核實務
The Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism Procedures for Life Insurance Companies
黃劭彥許義忠陳俊志徐定國   2021/05  月旦會計實務研究
2 跨越證券團體訴訟之審理障礙
Overcome the Hurdle of Securities Class Action
蔡志宏   2021/05  月旦會計實務研究
3 虛擬貨幣現行樣態與課稅議題──以自然人之交易為主軸探討
The Current Situation and Taxation Issues of Virtual Currency: From the Perspective of Natural Person's Transaction
黃琦文夏翊翔   2021/05  月旦會計實務研究
4 公司間簽署合夥契約之判決探析──兼評經濟部75年商44315號函釋
An Analysis on the Judgments of Partnership Contract between Companies: A Commemtary on 1986 Administrative Rule No. 44315 of Ministry of Economic Affairs
賈棕凱   2021/05  月旦會計實務研究
5 從專利盒制度中探討跨境課稅之公平性問題
Exploring the Fairness of Cross-border Taxation from the Patent Box Regime
吳尊傑   2021/05  月旦會計實務研究
6 合資成立特殊目的公司併購衍生商譽認列相關問題之探討
Analysis of Issues Related to the Recognition of Goodwill Derived from a Merger or Acquisition by a Special-Purpose Company under Joint Venture Structure
陳志愷   2021/04  月旦會計實務研究
7 論閉鎖性股份有限公司勞務出資之法規函釋暨實務案例解析
Explanation of the Labor's Contribution Rule of a Close Company and the Practical Case
胡宗奇   2021/04  月旦會計實務研究
8 農地工廠的持有、稅負及移轉──兼論借名登記
Holding, Taxing and Transferring of Unregistered Factories: Registering Real Estate under Other Person's Name
吳俊志   2021/04  月旦會計實務研究
9 金融老年學視角下的金融創新應用與發展
Financial Innovativeon Application and Development from the Perspective of Financial Gerontology
李智仁   2021/04  月旦會計實務研究
10 出資人利用著作範圍的探究──最高法院107年度台上字第553號民事判決評析
Investigating the Scope of the Commissioning Party May Exploit the Work: A Brief Analysis of Supreme Court Civil Judgment 2018 Tai-Shang-Tzu No. 553
吳尚昆   2021/04  月旦會計實務研究